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    This is an advertising campaign created for the Advertising and Promotion class at Colorado Mesa University and has no comercial use.
This is an advertising campaign created for the Advertising and Promotion class at Colorado Mesa University and has no commercial use.
The advertising wants to create the desire for the program, making the students apply for the scholarships.
It also wants to call the attention of parents, teachers and the society for the program, making the brand well known.
It also wants to create a relationship with the students, parents, teachers and others based in trust, responsibility and respect, changing the misperception about the Brazilian government.
It seeks to turn the community into a loyal public.  

The idea of the logo was to express modernism, responsibility and technology. I wanted the target to trust on the client to study abroad and also realize that they have the opportunity to improve their education on the best colleges in other countries. 
The Airplane and the Earth were used to express the idea of traveling around the world, without borders or obstacles.
The used colors express:

Navy blue: Technology, safety, productivity and modernism.
Light blue: Natural, earth, familiar. The idea that science should respect the environment and that they should work together.
Yellow mustard: Calls the attention, energy and create the desire for the service. Can let the target aware and ready.

The magazine used a photography of a student traveling in the United States. He is on the top of a mountain, reminding that he achieved his dream. He is also staring at the camera, and his eyes said, “You can make it too, if you just give yourself a try.” 
The photography wants to call the target’s attention, and creates desire. It wants the target to look at the photo and maybe think, “Wow, I wish I was there!”  
The photography also presents retro colors, to show this feeling of good times, of the best time of your life.
E-mail Marketing
The e-mail marketing created for spread the word about the Science without Borders and for remembering the students about the deadline for the application.
Social Media
The Facebook page is showed bellow. I choose to use Social Media because it is easy, fast and can reach a lot of people, being an amazing way to communicate to young adults, as long as the public can spread the message through the social media.
It can also help improving the two-way communication because the public can speak and talk about what is good and what is not good about the company.