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Doodle series about Bad-Ass things
Mal-Ssung Drawing Series 
(The meaning of Mal-Ssung is 'Trouble' in English)
These doodle series totally reflected my personal taste, 
So I concentrated to draw evil character like a Ganger,
Italian Mafia, Comicbook/Movie Villain and Bully - badass.
I tried to collect all of information about that. 
Various character in Action / thriller movie (Korean,American,
Japanese...Everything), indecent items (Gun, Knife,Cigarette butts,
Soju,Poktanju,Somaek,Stud,Tattoo),pebble dashed gum stuck on 
A pavement and Illegal Adult Flyers. 
Tools : Color Pencils , Color Papers
Copyright(c)2012 Sarah Lee All rights reserved.