Fresh Bites: Cooking At Essex Street Market

Pt. 1 Fresh Bites is a new live cooking program at Essex Street Market featuring guest chefs, food bloggers, and TV personalities sharing their recipes and expertise with Market shoppers. This live cooking, tasting, and talk-based event brings fan-favorite guest chefs teaching us how to prepare unique dishes from their culture. Participants who attend this Fresh Bites cooking demo will taste a fresh batch of words designed, see how it's traditionally prepared, and engage in an intimate discussion about food's role in immigration.
Target User: The target users for "Fresh Bites" can be divided into two primary groups:

Market Shoppers and Food Enthusiasts: These are individuals who visit Essex Street Market and are interested in diverse cuisines and cooking techniques. They are curious about trying new recipes and enjoy the experience of watching live cooking demonstrations.

Lower East Side Residents: This group consists of local residents interested in improving their cooking skills and adopting a more nutritious, vegetable-based diet. They are likely looking for accessible and free resources to enhance their culinary abilities.

Value Statement: "Fresh Bites" aims to provide education, inspiration, and community engagement through food. It offers a unique culinary experience by bringing guest chefs, bloggers, and TV personalities to teach and share their cultural recipes. The program encourages cultural exploration, healthy eating, and dialogue on food's role in immigration. The rebranding emphasizes inclusivity, accessibility, and long-term sustainability.
Pt. 2
In the second installment of Fresh Bites, we witnessed an exciting rebranding. What began as a humble cooking demonstration class has blossomed into a city-funded educational initiative. This outstanding program offers free classes to the residents of the Lower East Side, focusing on teaching them how to prepare nutritious vegetable-based recipes. The classes are held at the vibrant Essex Street Market. To complement this fantastic endeavor, we revamped our materials to create a more suitable kit of parts for a long-term program. This included designing eye-catching promotional posters and signage, informative recipe cards, engaging informational postcards, and captivating illustrations.
Recipe Cards
Fresh Bites


Fresh Bites