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Step into The Oasis

Step Into The Oasis

Step into The Oasis—a Coachella Valley sanctuary where modern design meets endless fun for the entire family. Striking a balance between sophistication and playfulness, our brand identity embodies the life of the party. Minimal illustrations captivate the kids, while textured patterns bring the desert's allure to life, creating an idyllic backdrop for music festivals, pool days, and fireside feasts.

Target User:
Affluent San Francisco families with young children who have a penchant for music festivals, outdoor activities, and luxurious experiences, all set against the backdrop of Coachella Valley.

Value Statement:
"Where Modern Sophistication Meets Family-Friendly Adventure"

Persona 1: The Festival-Loving Parent
Age: 30-45, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Music festivals, modern design, outdoor activities
Values: Adventure, luxury, quality family time

Persona 2: The Outdoor Enthusiast
Age: 35-50, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Tennis, golf, poolside relaxation
Values: Comfort, recreation, nature

Persona 3: The Foodie Socialite
Age: 30-45, Gender: Female
Interests: Multi-course dinners, socializing, interior design
Values: Gourmet experiences, aesthetics, social connections

Persona 4: The Curious Kid
Age: 6-12, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Games, colorful designs, pool activities
Values: Fun, imagination, family bonding
Step into The Oasis


Step into The Oasis

Branding project for Resort Home near Coachella Vally