Nucco Brain worked with EDF Energy to create a unique VR experience
to explain how nuclear energy is produced

As a way to engage with their stakeholders and the general public, EDF Energy commissioned Nucco Brain to create digital content that would explain the complex science behind the process of generating nuclear energy.
Nucco Brain produced an immersive 360° VR experience that takes viewers on a journey to a place they can’t physically go in real life, inside a nuclear reactor – to see how nuclear energy is produced.

Shrink to the size of an atom and journey with us to the core of a nuclear reactor. Using virtual reality and CGI animation you can travel where no one has gone before. Watch how nuclear fission happens inside a power station and how the energy is then used as steam to turn our turbines - producing electricity for your home.

EDF Energy’s Nuclear VR film has been selected to feature as part of MIPTV 2018's Innovation Hub.




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