This motorcycle concept reinvents the spirit of the Wankel engine by improving its performance and creating a unique character to complement this innovation. This hybrid motorbike uses a Wankel engine with electric assistance. It makes use of wireless controllers for quick response and hassle-free maintenance. The paintwork mimics sharks’ skin and was developed using a sophisticated formula by IFAM researchers. It reduces air drag by thirty per cent.

The bike has an aluminium composite chassis. The chassis would first be moulded into a base form and then milled with a five-point milling machine to achieve precise cuts and formations without welds. The Mirasol display shows information without pixels and operates with far less electricity than an LED display. Aluminium alloy wheels are coated with green rubber to aid the ‘Al-magnetised’ braking system. Duralumin composite, a high tensile and rapidly cooling composite, is used for the engine. The wheelbase is 1,454mm; the seat height is 840mm; and the fork angle is 25 degrees.
1:4 Scale RPT