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    Nivea project 2012
On this work, I had to modify all I want on Nivea, so I started by the logo.
This is the actual logo, the one everyone knows.
Then I made a research about its evolution since he started to have this structure
After that I made a constructin grid to see how the logo behave on it
After that I started to set the base points of each letter
After this reasoning I remind a phrase of Wassily Kandinsky I read on his book (point and line to plane) 
That phrase made me to imagine different points on the logo
That points were used to make some cuts on the logo. The idea was to make it more actual, dynamic and not so heavy.
I wrote a new slogan "fall in love again" to make it more glamorous.
And this is the final result
The next step was to make the packages.
I tried to make them homogeneous, clean and different.
I decided to make all packages cylindrical to follow the language of the blue gallipot that is the best package that Nivea has.
After that I defined colors for each categorie.

We only have the blue gallipot but I created 2 more, a pink one (perfumed) and a grey one (soft)
After that I decided to make a limited edition for the gallipot. It was made by laser
The 2012 catalog
The bags
Shake-it cards, a different way to advertise and make the consumer have contact with the brand
Mini-cards that can be used to write any message
The final step was to create a type root to use on posters. The type is dynamic, different and it looks nice on the posters.
I took pictures of different body parts that can have or not an immediate reading