7Up Retro - The Celebrity Apprentice
In November 2010, I was asked to appear on NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” as a graphic/packaging designer. The final challenge of Season 11 required the remaining two contestants to create a soda can, a 12-pack box, an in-store display, and a commercial for a limited-edition product called 7Up Retro. I was tasked with helping Team Rich (John Rich, Lil Jon, Star Jones, and Mark McGrath) create the packaging and stand-up display with a 1980s theme. In the end, both the Trumps and the executives at 7Up were impressed with the design work, and Team Rich won the final challenge (John Rich also ended up winning the entire season in the final episode). It was a thrill working on such a high-profile job, and quite an honor having Dee Snider of Twisted Sister holding my soda can in a commercial.