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Tim began to feel strange when Tam started going out with her "latest emo fashion".

Something was not so cool anymore...
Although the world is trying to understand a man, recent discoveries have led us to realize that the complete situation started when a special movie goer in France was encouraged to make "le move" after a certain movie was released in Paris.
Sometimes love is thin... very thin.
Dad was realizing how dark his years to come would be, as his girl chose to lick the cup where the ice cream was served, instead of eating the huge pink ice cream ball and cake she had in front of her.

She cried over the empty cup as the pink thing melted and finally was taken away...

Just another sunday afternoon.
-"Grandma! You don't become skate champ at 97!"

-"Well, dear", she replied "in theory..."

And, spinning, she left...
Father John kept on screaming while Peter ran as fast as possible. It was the first time he felt his ideas being free and fresh... there was no way that he would again let anybody stitch the top of his skull...
Precise moment when "El gitanillo" leaps from stardom to a black hole.