Religion-free city for the old and knowledgeable.

No children on ZII, indeed there were no inhabitants under 60 years old.
Make your choice: Live forever or ...

project 2017/18

A reminiscence to “Zalem“ from the amazing comic series “Battle Angel Alita“
by Yukito Kishiro
From the distance.  Somewhere in Ghana

A short video inside Zalem II_lab-x3: A lonely decision

Religion-free city for the old and knowledgeable

He had now reached the age of 112 years, and everybody whom he had once known had disappeared from the earth. It was therefore pointless to regret the past. He resolved to look forward.
He remembered that when he turned 65, his longing for his younger family members and friends was very great. But his wish to live forever, free of disease, was stronger.
The decisive point, however, was that he was now surrounded by people on a par with him. Intelligent people free of religious inclinations.
Zalem II was not a city for people who placed faith above knowledge. On the contrary. Academic excellence, the will to research, intellectual exchange were the priority. The decisive point of our freedom, however, was the absence of all faith. It was knowledge that brought esteem and mental satisfaction. For bodily needs there were sex robots that made it possible to keep love free of conflict, egoism and vanity. Here in ZII, jealousy was not a constructive concept for living together. Empathy and friendship blossomed daily.
Immortality and intellectual growth complemented each other to form a wonderfully peaceable environment while the world down below on earth continued to work actively on its own destruction.
Fortunately, thanks to our highly developed technology we were self-sufficient in almost every respect. We could even produce oxygen in our own facilities.
By means of an elaborate defensive mechanism by land, by water and in the air we were protected from every attempt on the part of the uneducated and religious to set foot on Zalem II. Unfortunately, that did not always happen without casualties. But science and freedom have their price.

Candidates were notified by the counsel of the city by dispatch and in case of consent were brought by helicopter; there then followed a ten-day test including psychological examination. Moreover, despite the situation on earth, significant, documented, academic–intellectual achievements had to have been performed.

Now you will certainly ask about the secret of our eternal life. It was a living being, neither animal nor plant. Its scientific name was “Phormidium Fungus Maximus”, shortened to PFM. We affectionately called it “Mother”.

PFM was the development of a research team from Europe. Privately financed with the goal of developing a new, legal drug. By chance it turned out that from a certain concentration PFM could heal cancer and cardiovascular diseases. As a result, secret research was undertaken and an unimagined efficiency in cell-repair was discovered. This knowledge was not made public, but rather transferred to a new holding as patents. The name of the holding: “Genious ZM”. The focus of our work was on the nurturing and breeding of our “Mother”.
Up to now there were three ZMII cities. One in Ghana, one above Venice and a third above Jerusalem. The fourth was just being built above the Mexican–American border.
This may all sound very tempting, but in truth the choice for eternal life went hand-in-hand with a contrary decision to live in a world without young people, children and all the complexities of a heterogeneous society. We were not allowed ever again to contact our family, grandchildren and children.

Up to now, no one had been able to determine exactly how long we would live. Joseph, the oldest among us, had reached the age of 178 years.
We reacted to the continuous growth of our population by building new cities. This, however, was only justifiable because in the cities of the earth more people died due to wars, viruses, bacteria, famine and violence than proliferated due to our growth.
Humanity had decimated itself most obviously in wars of religion. These wars were now replaced by civil-war-like carnage. There were no longer any real political borders, just various religious territories.

We were the happy few. We were the masters of the eternal feet. A wonderful dream. But not good enough. I left Zalem II and wanted to see my greatgrandchild once more before I die.

There was no return.

Zalem II above Venice. Aida sucks.


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