HDDT is a celebration of the current underground scenes and the active bands and people involved. Our goal is to create a festival that puts the focus on the music and the bands, not on money and prestige. We want to make it possible for underground bands to reach a broader audience beyond their national borders. By doing so we hope to create an international exchange amongst non-commercial underground scenes.
The festival is based on D.I.Y. ethics, meaning that the festival is 100% non-commercial, seeking to be an alternative to the corporate music business and commercial festivals. All the work in the process of organising and during the actual fest is on a volunteer basis, so neither we the organisers, nor the bands playing the fest, are making a profit. That is also why we don’t intend to have headliners; all the bands will get the same treatment. All money raised will go to covering festival costs such as gear, travel, food and accommodation for the bands and if there’s a profit it will go into creating a new festival next year. The structure of the festival organisation is based on participatory democracy, so that all volunteers can have an influence on the shaping of the festival.
Our overall goal is to put the focus and attention on non-commercial music and culture and to give the audience a different festival experience. We hope to make this an annual event with lots of participants, and to give them an extraordinary experience.
                                                                  Heavy Days In Doom Town