A map of Beaucedine Glacier, from Final Fantasy XI. The zone is set on a windy, icy glacier, and features ancient structures, ponds and some trees.

I've omitted walls and plateaus you can't reach so that they don't block the view of the narrow passageways.
From drawing walls to adding objects:
Giving the snow a sense of texture was not a straightforward task. I wanted it to be random, definitely visible and not detailed. Finding the right proportions for the snow "blanket" took some tries, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out.

Trying out ways to draw the towers:
I ended up going with a low-poly style. The towers were relatively easy to transform, although I had to take care to not make them too detailed:
The entrance to Fei'Yin was much harder. It's built in a very round and intricate style, and bringing that back to its essence while keeping it recognizable (and in the style of the design) was a challenge.
I ended up stripping most of its details and broken ends to keep it clean.
The water was fun to do and it was easy to make it feel icy:
The first thing I did was draw the map in 2D, then I made the floors isometric and spread them apart. I exaggerated the heights and made the walls a lot more blue than in-game. I felt the blue fits the glacier better:
I thought about putting markers and information on the map, but I want the design to be the main draw here. While less practical than most maps, it gives a good sense of the overall structure of the zone - and it's nice to look at. I'm very happy with the result.