Mira Festival 2017
The answers come for those who keep the faith. The light will illuminate the ones that really believe it.
And only the braves will free their heart and souls.
This years concept plays around the advanced programming the Festival offers to its audience.
The Festival is well known to bring unknown or emerging artists to its stages. We translated this into the concept of “The future of music and digital arts”. The campaign is starred by Sandro Rey, a famous Spanish psychic playing the Prophet, the link between the future and the Festival’s audience.
In the video, MIRA Festival has answered some of the audience’s questions with a very special guest, the one and only Sandro Rey, Spain’s most famous fortune teller. Thanks to his powers, Sandro has enlightened the chosen ones with his wisdom and guidance to find the answers hidden inside their selves.
A guidance for them and the rest of the participants to the final destination: the digital arts festival the 9, 10, 11 of November.
No animals were harmed in the making of this film.
Photographer Jorge Vidal Orga
Directed by Amigo Total
Talent: Sandro Rey
Produced by Device
Producer: Julieta Averbuj
DOP: Carlos Rigo
Art Director: Georgina Asunción Guasch
Costume Designer: Sofía García
Post production & animation: Device
Color Grading: Ana Gale
B Cam Operator: María González
Gaffer: Eloi Teixidó
Camera assistant: Rocío Guigo
Camera Assistant: Anastasya Nemchenko
Make Up: Mariona Botella
Sound (Mixer): Samuel Mendiola
Sound (Boom): Roger Coca
Sound coordination: Daniel Candel
Music & sound design: Amigo Total
Script: Carlos Serra
Script English translation: Shaina Machlus
SAE Video department Coordinator: Alex Nadal
Animal Wrangler: Gabriel Cardona Naranjo
Camera Equipment: Service Vision
Grip Equipment: Service Vision
Light Equipment: Service Vision
Production Material: Service Vision
Production Material: Behind The Movies
Catering: Pastisseria Comas
Special Thanks to: Arnold Films, Aluzine, Inés Massa
Collaborator: SAE Institute
Client: Mira Festival
Concept & Direction: Amigo Total
Designer: Georgina Asunción Guasch
Animation: Amigo Total
Music & Sound design: Amigo Total
Mira Festival 2017

Mira Festival 2017