Spring Solstice 2018 - Grey Mare's Tail to Loch Skeen
Loch Skeen with White Coomb (left) 821m, Mid Craig, Lochcraig Head (right)
National Trust for Scotland car park and the glacial valley through the Ettrick & Moffat Hills which form the Southern Uplands
The Grey Mare's Tail is a natural waterfall formed by the Tail Burn which drops over 200 feet (60m) into the hanging valley below
Ice starting to recede following a very cold winter
At the head of the falls the ground is still thick with ice as the water drops dramatically to the valley below
The Tail burn flowing down from Loch Skeen towards the falls
Near the head of the Tail burn looking back across the unforgiving, rugged landscape of small glacial hillocks, peat and bog land
The Loch suddenly comes into view and is much longer than appears here. The source of the Tail burn is here too.
Looking down on the Loch from a higher viewpoint towards Mid Craig
The cold shoulder of White Coomb, the highest peak in the Moffat Hills at 821m
The rugged landscape is formed by glacial action thousands of years ago leaving hilly morraines now covered in heather.
A Lone Tree struggles for survival on a small and isolated rock islet