Client: Brown-Forman - Jack Daniel's
Agency: elemento L2 / SPOTDLY (Digital)
Creative Direction: Renee Tovar
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Marisabel Munoz, Pilar Amado
Client Services: Claudia Calderon. Denisse Ayala
Digital Design & Web Development: Renee Tovar, Eduardoluis Manchego.

Jack Daniel’s Hispanic target consumer continues to be vital to growing the brand.
OBJECTIVE: Get the target to know Jack through a cultural experience, become partners and host epic nights.
HOW: We found out that Jack Daniel used to welcome friends to his house. Just like our target, our idea needed authenticity, emotion and most importantly, be culturally relevant.
IDEA: Jack Daniel’s House Siete
The house that Jack built. It’s an experience, and it’s a chance for Jack Daniel’s and Hispanic millennials to meet each other, become partners, and host an epic night.
Awards: Ex-Awards 2017. Best Hispanic Experiential Marketing Campaign
Jack Daniel's House Siete