LUX Helsinki

LUX Helsinki is a festival of light celebrated annually during the early dark days of January. The event brings joy and monumental experiences to the people by presenting a series of light artworks along a scenic route through the heart of the Finnish capital.

The festival gathers over half a million visitors to experience light and color outside in a freezing cold time of the year. This sets some serious requirements for the website: it needs to offer a seamless user experience (so that visitors don’t get lost and freeze while searching for the light), and it needs to be stable (so that it doesn’t slow down or crash even in the highest peaks). Needless to say, a festival like LUX also asks for a visually impressive site that radiates the spirit of the event.
Creative outcome
The festival’s essence is transmitted on the site through dazzling visuals and fine details, including glowing headings and an immersive implementation of WebGL on the front page.

On the festival visuals we worked with N2 Albiino. The primary elements and visual language is based on the new brand of Helsinki City but handled with the very own LUX Helsinki neon twist.

We designed the site structure and provided the client with custom tools they could use to build and modify the site according to their needs.
The really heart of the site is a a custom map. The map presents a clear overview of the event and makes it easy to find the works of art, cafes and restaurants. Installation listing and descriptions included.
Mobile use
This site is primarily used in mobile, so we did everything in our power to make the user experience as responsive and smooth as possible. One of the most important features that enabled a successful event.
LUX Helsinki

LUX Helsinki

User experience and user interface design for LUX Helsinki, 2018. LUX Helsinki is a festival of light celebrated annually during the early dark d Read More