music video
Leningrad - Not a Paris!
Ленинград - Не Париж!
VFX breakdown
We had 12 shots to provide by 7th of March right before the official release day on international womans day 8th of March. This condition was super important for our client. We had about 1-2 weeks for Rnd and preproduction before the shooting started and 4 weeks to finish before the deadline. So we did our best to deliver everything right in time and with cinematographic quality the same as the rest filmed action part of this video. 
Enjoy the full length video:
We`ve started research with a concepts guided by directors storyboard. All this artworks were created before the shooting. Further all the space shots where removed before we dive to deep in it.
Meteorit RnD, Assets and lookdev
Sculpting and stone lookdev
We`ve barely found any references of the burning falling meteorite. It felt that nobody has done such a close up shot with this thing. So we had to balance between the nature of burning very bright object and keeping anything visible around it at the same time. We did a lot of test searching for optimal balance playing with simulations and different render passes.
At some point we ended with fullCG cloud scape instead of doing it with mattepaint as we planned at the very beginning.
More and more AOVs for lookdev at comp!
The most important shot when supergirl tries to stop it
Finally as a bonus enjoy 
Storm Production backstage video
Backstage created by Storm Productions
Produciton Team - Storm Production
Produced by Fedor Kan
Directed by Pavel Sidorov

Trehmer Film VFX Team
VFX Producers
Konstantin Listratov 
Evgenia Salnikova 

VFX Supervisors
Ruslan Sharafutdinov 
Konstantin Listratov 

OnSet Supervisor
Dmitry Ushanov

VFX Manager
Lusia Lisitsina

Vlad Fedosov

Concept Art\Mattepaint
Andrey Cherepansky

Konstantin Listratov

Pavel Ivanov

Vitalik Artemov
Alex Kozhaev
Konstantin Listratov

Roman Moiseev
Dmitry Polbitzin
Dmitry Alexandrov
Elena Pestrikova
Ekaterina Nikulina
Anton Tomchenko
Not a Paris!

Not a Paris!

Some shots we created for superhero music video for Russian band "Leningrad".

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