Greta's little world - Collaboration with my daughter
Greta's little world
Collaboration with my daughter

Needless to say that parents always love their children and adore everything they do and also draw. And so it is with me and my daughter ... and when she started drawing I was so amazed with her creative skills. With the first little recognisable drawings she did I started feeling this overwhelming urge to do something with them. The characters she drew just jumped out at me ... and so I began illustrating the little figures from Greta's own little world.

Here are the five little heroes from Greta's world so far:
My I introduce from left to right: little mouse, pink piggy, the friendly lion, robby robot and the poor hedgehog.

Want to know more about them all, then here it is from beginning to end ... the first character I decided to "daddylize" was a little mouse she drew on a post-it when she was three (and a quarter):
I then took her drawing and made my own sketch to give it a base for the illustration that would follow:
And then I got to work illustrating in Adobe draw ... and this is the result: the little mouse ..
The second character that grabbed my attention and begged to be illustrated was little pink piggy, which she did not that long after:
And then Greta started telling stories about her characters ... and so the friendly lion was created:
This drawing was done at my parents-in-law while my daughter spent the day there. As one of the drawings she did there was a snowman, called Olaf of course. I know I changed the character but it just looked so much like a robot that it turned into Robby robot ....
And then came the poor little sick hedgehog ... "daddy, it has strange red spots all over, it is ill" .... that's why it is the poor little hedgehog ....