Below are five different advertisement designs for Nike shoes, ranging from the Nike VaporMax to the Air Jordan 1s.

This is the first design for the Nike VaporMax. I tried to go with a more vibrant colour and outcome to match the product, which is a pair of running shoes.

This is my Off-White x Nike Air Presto ad. I think this fits the shoe because it goes with the colour schemes as well as fits the industrial, unfinished and glitchy feel of the shoe. I also incorporated Off-White elements in the ad.

This is very similar to the Off-White x Nike Air Presto ad, for the Off-White x Nike Blazer Mid's. I feel that I should go with a similar feel because they have very similar designs, and this is different enough from the Air Presto ad with its colour palette but different in terms of composition and shapes used.

For the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 ad, I tried something a little different. Because of the rare quantity of these shoes and the high prices, I tried to make it intense. This was a very experimental one but I really liked the outcome.

This last one is a little different, since the Off-White x Nike VaporMax is a little different from the other Off-White releases. Essentially the colour palette and the overall feel of the shoe gives off a different environmental vibe. This one is slightly cleaner with a sleekness yet industrial feel to it.

Thanks for viewing! Appreciate if you liked this!​​​​​​​