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    Character designs for a swim school. Each character represents a level of achievement in the program. Vector illustration from sketch.
All of the Swim Friends in a row.
Stubby Starfish - the youngest of the group. Wearing floaters, he represents the first level of achievement for the swim friends
Sidney Seahorse - slightly older. Using a floatation ring, he assures the second level they'll soon be swimming.
Tapper the Sea turtle. First swimmer of the group. He's confident and ready to swim.
Flapper the fish. Ready and willing to swim, swim, swim! He's the first level of the group to be a strong swimmer.
Dogo the dolphin. Swim leader. He's the final mascot and a swimming pro.
Sketches for the various characters. Note the fish character had to be totally redesigned to give him a better, less creepy profile.