WIP Creative Proposal 
Copywriter: Dan Hawkins, Art Director: Joceyln Wong

Cyber bullies and anonymous hate speech are ruining the internet. Engaging in conversation with these haters online is agonizing and futile - any actions we take hardly feels worthwhile. Consequently, most people will just simply ignore the problem, instead of being part of the solution. But what if we could fight hate speech with something positive, and let the haters play a part in the solution? What if we could troll the trolls? 

Create a URL that leads trolls to a site with educational material and ads generating revenue for a relevant charity. More visits equals more money raised to fight their hate speech.

Example application
When a user come across a hateful comment online (e.g. anti-immigration), they comment and tag @TrollBait (e.g. a TwitterBot) that automatically responds in the thread with a disguised URL and message (e.g. "Hey John, I think this would be up your alley") that leads the troll target to a charity website. 
Depending on the hateful comment, the troll would be sent to a relevant website (e.g. LGBTQ+, gender, etc.) with a similar bait and switch formula.