Opiskelijakunta Klaanin Jäsenkalenteri
Student union Klaani membership calendar / pocket info
Student Union Klaani (Student Union Kaakko since 2017) redesigned their student info booklet compeletely, to suit better for the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences' Finnish and international students.
Art direction, layout: Annukka "Nukka" Repo
Illustrations: Jenni Osmonen (2013-2014) and Suvi Määttänen (2014-2015).

The original info booklet had three main problems:
- The booklet had a general 'bulk order' layout, which the printing company filled with client's texts and images, without further specifications.
- All texts were in Finnish, Swedish and English, when the school teaches primarily in Finnish and English.
- Layout and contents didn't serve the needs any main student group of the school (Finnish students, international exchange students and international degree students).

Solutions for the problems:
- The layout got a fresh look, while keeping the familiarity.
- Swedish language was left out to save space and fit the users' needs.
- Layout change promoted better content, and answered questions like when do Finnish schools have holidays/vacation? Also the months were color coded for better discoverability from some 200 pages thick booklet.
Student Union Klaani Pocket Info Calendar 2013-2014
The renewed version ran for two academic years (2013-2014 and 2014-2015).
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