Kalevala the Capture of Sampo
Role playing board game
32-page rule book
Tuomas Mansikka created a role playing board game with extensive array of elements: map, 160 individual cards, 32-page rule book, tokens (Wind rose, Wound, Sampo) and player aids as well as sales sheets.
Art direction, visual look, layout and map + token illustrations: Annukka "Nukka" Repo
Other illustrators: Nikolai Kochergin, Akseli Gallen-Kallela.
Game black-and-white icons from: http://game-icons.net/
The map:
Shows southern part of Finland in the Kalevala era, with thousand lakes and tribe ruled areas such as Vainola (Väinölä), Joukola, Pohjola, Metsola, Karelian, Sahri and Tuonela.
A3 sized game map is hung between the players, on both sides of a divider wall included with the game.
Intial rendering of the game box.
Due to the small scale of the project, a box would have been unaffordable at the time to be presented at the Board Game Expo in Germany, 2017.
Initial rendering of the game box.
Compilation of the whole project:
Box, map, dice, game tokens such as Wind rose, Sampo and Wound, and an example of the 160 individual dual-sided playing cards.
Array of game elements.
Sales sheet for the game.
The game was first revealed at the Board Game Expo in Germany, 2017. 
Sales sheet.
The first version was home office printed and cut, to get a hands-on feel of the product and note changes where necessary.
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