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University of Victoria MBA
Gustavson MBA program 
Client: University of Victoria 
Copywriter: Dan Hawkins, Art Director: Jocelyn Wong, CD: Josh Fehr
Summer 2017

Create awareness for UVic's MBA program by driving potential applicants (major target audience being international students) to read more about the program through four articles, and learn about the school's focus on sustainable business. 

With a focus on people and planet, as opposed to profits found amongst most MBA programs, we based our concept on the idea that "Gustavson probably isn't the right MBA program for you." From there we created provocative banner ads and headlines to share this bold sentiment. 

We produced various banner ads and social posts that drove students to Gustavson's website and articles (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4).
Facebook social post leading to Article #1
University of Victoria MBA

University of Victoria MBA


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