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BETTERTOPIA : Panasonic 100th Global Web site



“BETTERTOPIA"  -  Panasonic 100th Anniversary Global Web site.
Illustration by IC4DESIGN.

( Sorry, Now It's changed )

Welcome to Bettertopia.
This dream city is always filled with smiles and vitality.Panasonic’s products and services,
using current and future advanced technologies, are supporting people’s lives and businesses here.
Would you like to see how "A Better Life, A Better World" have become a reality?

We made a future city filled with Panasonic’s products and services for this special project.
Some scenes use Animations. 
When you find a special scene and click it, you’ll jump to detail pages.
Then some character will talk about the products and services.
Hope people can look at it for a long time and develop an understanding of those.
The idea of ​“BETTERTOPIA”​ is creating a better future city.
And it was matched with the style of our illustration.

To make more fun to viewers, 
we mixed old-school-future images especially inspired from 50's-70’s ideas.
It reflects detail in the illustration, bright-colored buildings, curved shaped vehicles and so on.

In addition, we also mixed old buildings to feel the warmth of the people living in the city.
People are living and enjoying their lives in that world.
Because it’s a WEB illustration, the display size is fixed.
So we tested some scales and chose the best one. 
- Even if the houses are made smaller, the people have to keep a recognizable size.
It means the people have to be big enough to see the facial features but still in proportion so that they look like they will fit in the houses. 

"City - Night entertainment - Factory - Residential area" 
There are 4areas with different scales and they are continuous.
So we use clouds as joints to connect each area without discomfort.

In the night stage, we showed entertainment with the light of Panasonic in the dark night.
We couldn't use usual black lines for dark base color, so we expressed it by drawing lines with a bright color of light.

In the stage of the residential area which was zoomed up the most, some of them were represented by a skeleton to show the inside.
This was decided at the final process, so it was hard to change, but it made a good result.
we were able to express the atmosphere of people's living and it became more interesting.

Pick up other SCENES : 
Did you find them? There is also a lot of detail from other people's lives.
Characters will talk about the products and services in the detail pages.
Thumbnail ideas, Rough sketches
Sample movie :
Please access this site and hope you'll have fun.
Exhibition :
In Panasonic Center (Ariake, Tokyo) ,100th anniversary corner.
You can feel this world with the big EL display (4m size).
BETTERTOPIA : Panasonic 100th Global Web site