Home Inspection Process and the Things Investors Should Know
You cannot decide about buying a property based on the paint job done with it. There is a whole set of issues which may lie inside the property. If you are not aware of those issues, there are great chances that you might find the purchase of such property the worst real estate deal you would ever make.

Hence, house inspection is one of the most important things you would need to do before you buy the property.
How about doing inspection on your own?
Well, it’s a pretty bad idea to run deep inspection on your own unless you are a licensed inspector or contractor.

Although, it is important to walk through the corridors into the rooms in order to look for the red flags, professional inspection must be carried out only by a qualified inspector.
Finding an inspector

After you have decided about running deep inspection, you will need to find qualified inspector for the process. Your quick link in this regard is your real estate agent. However, you can ask other people such as property owners and mortgage professionals if your real estate agent is unable to provide you with the link.

Remember, it is important to get things done on time. Therefore, it is very important to have a qualified inspector in your quick dial list. Once you have got things agreed upon after mutual acceptance, you have only a few days to get the house inspected. The report will be in your hand after a couple of day of inspection.
The day of inspection

At the day of inspection, make sure that every utility of the home is turned on. In case there is a water leakage, you will be able to know about it only if there is the water running. Similarly, you will be able to know about defects in electricity systems of the home only if the electricity is turned on in all of the areas of home.

Furthermore, it is very important to be there while inspection is running. The report may say something scary like ‘danger of sort circuit in the bedroom’ while issue may be resolvable with a repair process of 30 minutes.

Remember, inspector would look for everything during the inspection. They will note down the rotting, cracks, wrong wiring and every other thing that you need to repair. There may be a few things which wouldn’t make a difference even if they are not repaired. You can decide upon what to repair what not to repair once the report is in your hand.
Cost of inspection

You may be worried about the cost of inspection but it can rather be an investment. If you who about the whole set of issues with the property, you will be able to negotiate over the price based on state of the property.