35.75” X 60” Window Posters
Honda Spring Service 

Client: BC Honda 
Copywriter: Dan Hawkins, Art Director: David Yu, Creative Director: Josh Fehr
Spring 2018

Create awareness around Honda's services and encourage customers to have their tires, brake pads, and oil changed. 

Whether it’s safety, costs or performance, we all benefit when citizens get their car
serviced. Adopting the style of 1940’s propaganda slogan posters, we used striking visuals and simple, yet catchy, slogans to encourage everyone to do their part and have their car serviced! 

We brought this concept to life through various extensions, including in-store posters (shown above), digital displays, washroom posters, staff buttons, and bumper stickers. To push the idea even further, we also pitched short vintage radio adverts to play as a public service announcement over the intercom at Honda dealership & service departments, and during “on-hold music” over the phone. These playful audio reminders would be produced in the style of early day radio adverts: old-time jingles, crackling radio sound effects, air raid sirens, jazz songs, etc.