The human feelings bank

How will the robots be educated emotionally?
The feelings bank is a donation bank to humanise the robots of the future.
The installation was designed for the Mobile Week Barcelona in an exhibition about the future of daily life. This project speculates about the relation of our species with artificial intelligence. 
The user is placed in front of a screen, which asks if they want to donate one of the four primary emotions: anger, sadness, happiness and fear. The donors choose how theyinterpret their feelings. If they don’t know, the donation ends.
In order to finalise the process of donating their feeling, the person places their hand on a pulsometre that detects their heartbeat, and confirms they are human.​​​​​​​
We collect the results
Each participants fills out a form with their personal details for the donation bank, so they will be informed when a robot receives their donation.
The human feelings bank