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Disasters of Tobacco for Your Oral Health
It is the well-known fact that tobacco use can lead to serious oral and overall health issues. Still, large portion of the world’s population never stops using tobacco products, even though most of them are fully aware about the fact that tobacco can wreak havoc on the holistic health.

Whether you smoke or chew it, tobacco has a whole set of problems which it shifts to the oral health, and eventually to the overall health. Teeth’s staining is the initial and the minor issue you may worry about after consistent use of tobacco as things can get quite worse than that. Consistent use of tobacco can increase the risk of oral cancer by six times. Generally, your teeth and gums are exposed to the great dangers if you use tobacco products consistently.
Having that said, there are a few oral health issues which can occur if you are a tobacco user.

1. As mentioned above, the most inevitable thing that can happen to your teeth after consistent use of tobacco is discoloration. While it may be easier for the dentist to clean your tooth enamel, things can get worse as tobacco consumption can prompt yellowing of internal part of teeth.
2. Smoking can affect the flow of blood in gums, leading to the gum’s susceptibility against severe infections. These infections can further lead to the gum diseases which can be both reversible (gingivitis) and irreversible (periodontitis) conditions.
3. With everything happening against teeth and gums when you use tobacco, it becomes quite predictable that you might lose your tooth or teeth.
4. As an instant effect, tobacco usage can lead to bad breath. While it may be of acute nature in the short time after you start using tobacco, it can worsen to become the chronic issue if your tobacco habits are dating back to a decade old initiation.
5. Since there is going to be a resistance in the blood flow due to consistent tobacco use, you may find your oral cavity with the problem of low immunity. Thus, it will be quite difficult for your mouth to recover if you get your tooth extracted or you suffer from any kind of major or minor oral health condition.
While it may not be possible for the tobacco user to quit this habit instantly, it is still quite beneficial to take a step towards quitting this habit. For this purpose, you can ask your dentist to help you. Your dentist should be able to support your during this process.