(Meera and Tarachand are married. Their son Shailu is married to Preeti, and they all live in the same house. Preeti is cooking dinner. Meera is sitting at the dining table and peeling off some peas to help with the dinner. Shailu is at work. Tarachand is trying to sleep in the other room.)

Preeti – Mummy-ji, let me help you with the peas.

Meera – Thank you beta, but let me contribute a little for his food.

Preeti – I understand, but he’s going to come home any second.

Meera – Okay okay, take these. (Murmuring to herself) I fed him all his life, and now she swoops in…

Preeti – Mummy-ji too many are left to peal. Why don’t we let the peas be for today, hmm?

Meera – No! He likes the peas very much. Let me do it if you don’t want to.

Preeti – Okay I’ll do them fast.

Meera – And don’t forget the chicken okay, it should not be overcooked as it was yesterday beta.

Preeti – Yes, Mummy-ji. (Switches off the stove of the chicken) By the way if you would have given me the peas earlier yesterday, that would not have happened. But no harm done today. See, the peas are done. (Puts the peas in the stove and turns it on)

Meera (laughing) – You’re telling me that it was my fault yesterday? You were the one cooking.

Preeti (laughing) – I panicked! You know how Shailu is, right? He’s just going to barge in, demanding food from the ladies of the house.

Meera – And why not? He is the one earning in the house.

Preeti (giving a disgusted look to Meera) – Oh don’t you say that to me now.

Meera (taken aback) – What is with that look?!

Preeti – Don’t you  dare forget what you did to me. If you taunt about it ever again…

(Shailu is just back from work. He enters)

Shailu (angry) – Are you pointing a finger at my mother?!

(Preeti puts her finger down)

Meera (to Shailu) – I don’t know what’s gotten into her, she just started staring at me.

Preeti (her voice breaking down) – I’m so sorry Shailu, it got to me again.

(Shailu walks up to Preeti)

Shailu – What is going on here?

(Meera starts to cry. Preeti goes to the stove and turns it off. Shailu kneels beside Meera and holds her hand)

Preeti (to Shailu) – She again said “that” to me.

(Shailu lowers his head)

Shailu – Preeti please go inside.

(Preeti goes inside the room, still looking at Meera from inside the room)

Shailu – Mummy-ji, you said that again to her.

Meera – I said what again?

Shailu – That she doesn’t bring any money to the house.

Meera – So am I wrong in saying that? You do all the hard work and she serves you overcooked chicken! She deserves to hear that.

Shailu – She wanted to become a doctor.

Meera - Empty wants, do they lead you anywhere? No. You need hard work for that.

Shailu – You didn’t let her pursue it. After she came to this house.

Meera – What? I would never do that.

Shailu – It is both of our faults, I did not support her as well.

Meera – You don’t know what women are capable of doing in this world Shailu. If she had it in her, she would’ve become a doctor already.

Shailu – Who prescribes you your medicines, Mummy-ji?

Meera – She does. (Suddenly phases out and remembers everything) I’m sorry beta.

Shailu – Please could you go and say this to Preeti.

(Meera gets up and goes up to Preeti. Preeti is not angry anymore, she is just sad. Tarachand is sitting beside Preeti now. Shailu is watching from the outside)

Meera (laughs) – I just remembered that I have Alzheimer’s, the irony.

(Preeti looks at Meera, and then looks down)

Meera – Please forgive me beta. I am a changed woman now, but that won’t reverse the damage I’ve done.

Preeti – I too am sorry for pointing a finger at you. The temper gets me sometimes.

Shailu – Oh let’s just please have dinner now. I’m starving.

Meera (smiling) – Lets have dinner. (To Preeti) Oh by the way, did I cook it or you cooked it?

Tarachand – I don’t like the Alzheimer jokes Meera.

Meera – Hahahahaha.
Preeti Act I

Preeti Act I

Family drama, when petty conflicts somehow lead to bigger conflicts, and resolution

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