(Shahjah is the King of Parshah. Narcissa is his only daughter. Jadav and Narad were born on the streets and adopted by the King, and were raised in the palace as his own, alongside Narcissa. Jadav grows to be the Vizier, Narad grows to be the strongest warrior of Parshah. Nihal is one of the guards.)

(It is an hour before midnight. The King and his council are having a strategic meeting. Four warriors of the Kingsguard are stationed in the room. Narcissa enters)

Narcissa – Jadav, where is my father?

Jadav – He’s gone to the lavatory. A word of advice – talk to him tomorrow. He’s not in a good mood.

Narcissa – Is he ever in a good mood?

Jadav – Today’s different, trust me.

(The King comes back from the lavatory)

Narcissa – Father…

Shahjah – Tomorrow, Narcissa. Jadav, what is the report on the vanguard?

Jadav (loud) – Half of the vanguard on the Ajmer front is wiped out, on the other hand…

Narcissa (interrupting) – I cannot sleep, father.

Shahjah – Well, you should try harder. The Prince of Mewar will be here early morning tomorrow.

Narcissa – Something’s bothering me.

Shahjah (sighs) (to the council) – Please excuse my daughter and me.

(The council leaves the conference room. The Kingsguard does not leave)

Narcissa – Did you receive some ten death threats for tomorrow?

Shahjah – How did you know?

Narcissa – And the reason being the ceremony tomorrow with the Prince?

Shahjah – Jadav told you, didn’t he?

Narcissa – When were you planning to tell me?

Shahjah – This is a political matter, Narcissa.

Narcissa – Which is also a matter of life and death now. Call off tomorrow’s ceremony.

Shahjah (laughing) – The Prince has left Mewar today morning itself. Don’t worry, your father will not die this easily. Now go to bed, and leave these matters to me. (kisses her on the forehead)

Narcissa – I do not want to marry him.

Shahjah – So this is the real deal, huh?

Narcissa – No! Your life is more important than my stupid marriage.

Shahjah – I’m sorry but you’ll have to marry him. Parshah will become twice as big after we bond with Mewar. There’s a reason I’m standing in the face of those threats, all for Parshah.

Narcissa (pissed) – I will not marry him. I don’t think he’ll be a good heir for the King.

Shahjah (pissed) – Enough! Why don’t you join me in the council from tomorrow huh? Share the light of your wise counsel in the matters of the state huh?

Narcissa – Just for once, think of me as your daughter, and not an asset of Parshah!

Shahjah (calming himself down) – Why don’t you meet him tomorrow, see for yourself what kind of a man he is, and then reject him, just this once?

Narcissa – I’m in love with Narad.

Shahjah – What? Narcissa, he is your brother! You grew up together!

Narcissa – I know, and I refuse to marry anyone else!

Shahjah (angry) – This is blasphemous! Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?

Narcissa – I didn’t know myself, (takes a few deep breaths) until recently.

Shahjah – How could Narad do this? My own son? I stationed him to protect you and now this!

Narcissa (phasing out) – I’ve seen the love for me in his eyes. No man can love me as he does.

Shahjah (staring at her) – Did you lay with him?

Narcissa (taken aback) – What?! No…

Shahjah – Did he lay with you already, tell your King the truth now!

Narcissa (stammering a little) – No, we did not do anything.

Shahjah (losing his mind) – Oh I see. This is treason against Parshah! I’ll make sure he faces the gallows for doing this to the Princess.

Narcissa (stammering a little more) – He’s protected me from countless assassins, father. How dare you jeopardize your own daughter’s life!

Shahjah – Do you have any idea what you two have done! No prince is going to accept you now.

Narcissa – Look at you! Even now you’re only blabbering about Parshah. So now my life doesn’t matter?

Shahjah (disgusted) – Whatever you’re turning out to be, you’re still my daughter. Does not go the same with Narad. Who the fuck does he think he is!

Narcissa (crying) – Neither of us wanted it to happen, it just did.

Shahjah – Doesn’t matter now. (calling to one of the guards outside) Nihal!

(Nihal enters)

Shahjah - Summon Narad right now!!

Narcissa (crying) – Nihal no!!

(Nihal stops, looking at Narcissa, then looking back at the king)

Shahjah (in a calm voice) – Tell Narad that the King needs him urgently.

(Nihal leaves, Narcissa sobs. Shahjah gives hand gestures to the Kingsguards, Narcissa doesn’t pay attention to them. Narad enters)

Narad – Shahjah-baba…

Shahjah – Close the door and come here.

(Narad closes the door and starts walking towards the King)

Narcissa (coming back to her senses) – Run! Narad!

(Narad sees her sobbing, understands the situation)

Narad – Not without you. Not before freeing you from your cage.

Shahjah – What?! Have you gone mad, son?

(Shahjah gives the signal and the Kingsguards leap to hold and immobilize Narad. Narad struggles and grunts a lot, but then gives up, lowering his head)

Narcissa (with tears in her eyes, to Shahjah) – I beg you, please let him go. I will marry the Prince of Mewar.

Narad (laughing, looking at Narcissa) – Only after I’m dead.

Shahjah (ignoring Narcissa, walking towards Narad) – Narad Sulaiman, son of Shahjah Sulaiman, you have disgraced your King, your Princess, and committed treason against Parshah. As the King of Parshah, I now sentence you to death by guillotine.

Narad (still looking at Narcissa) – I will marry you, in this life or the next.

Shahjah (teary eyed) – I thought you were my son. Today Parshah loses a fine warrior.

Narcissa (crying) – This is not how it was supposed to be.

(Narcissa draws out a knife and points it at her throat. Everyone stares at her without saying a word, taken aback, as if time has stopped)

Narcissa (going hysterical) – You expect me to live after you’ve killed the man I love? Oh, you don’t know anything about me after all.

Shahjah – No!! Put the blade down Narcissa.

Narcissa – Give me a reason.

(Shahjah has no words to say)

Narcissa – You never cared enough to know how I feel, what I’ve been through, being used for your pathetic relations with other kingdoms.

Shahjah – I’m sorry Narcissa. Please put the blade down. I cannot bear to see you dead. I love you.

Narcissa – No, you don’t.

(Shahjah has no words to say)

Narcissa (staring at Shahjah) – Give me a fucking reason!!

Narad – Because you don’t deserve to die like this.

(Narcissa looks at Narad)

Narad – You are the most beautiful and caring woman I’ve met in my life. You love me like no one ever did. You love your father like nobody can. You are only allowed to die when you are old and surrounded by our grandchildren. Please don’t do this to us, I too cannot bear to see you dead.

(Narcissa drops the blade, Shahjah quickly kicks the blade away from her and hugs her. Narcissa buries herself in her father’s arms and cries loudly)

Narad (smiling) – Oh thank the heavens!

Shahjah (looks at Narad, takes a deep breath) – Narad Sulaiman, as the King of Parshah, I now banish you from the grounds of Parshah. Go out there, live your life in exile, and make a better man out of yourself.

Narad (looks at Shahjah) – Tell Jadav I’ve been sent to the vanguard. (looks at Narcissa) And remember, in this life or the next.

(The King scoffs. Narad is dragged away out of the room)
Narcissa Prequel

Narcissa Prequel

Prequel to Narcissa Act 1, goes deep into certain unexplained events in the Act 1

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