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    The GreenPrinet. Social digital concept for Greenpeace
every day about 25,000 trees are cut down around the world. Much of this is for the production of paper. We print, paint and write on paper, and we get receipts in cafes and shops. As technology progresses, there is often no need to print. But there are situations when printing is required.

if we really can’t avoid printing, we can try to compensate for harm we are doing to nature. In real-time mode.

an application – “GreenPrinter” by Green Peace. You download an application and install it on your computer. The application has access to your printer and credit card. Whenever we print a page we give one cent to GreenPeace’s tree planting program. GreenPrinter can work in cafes, shops and ATMs. When we pay by credit card, we can choose to print a receipt or not. If we need to print a receipt, GreenPrinter will donate one cent to the fund. If we take something from nature, we should give something back. It’s only fair. Donate when you print.

Fakestival 2012 (Russia) - bronze

Adrian Botan, creative director McCann Erickson Romania:
“I love it. Using technology in such a smart way to give back to nature every time we take something. It’s great!”

Guy Venables, creative director Look Australia:
“Thats brilliant, the principle is great, I think you could probably pitch it at government level too”

Copywriter: Dmitry Chigirin
Art director: Oleg Izosimov
Movie director: Hrant Abovyan
Logo designer: Dmitry Krasnov