The Beatitudes Project (henceforth "TBP") is a book by Stu Garrard, a collaborative music album by multiple artists, a documentary film, a group of original paintings, and a people movement. Every element revolves around the subversive announcements made by Jesus of Nazareth in the Beatitudes. In a world of pop culture Christianity, TBP is a breath of fresh air. Stu brings authenticity, empathy, and reality to bear as he leads the project in re-examining Jesus' declarations that God is with us at the bottom of life.

My task was to design a social media launch campaign to stir up interest for the Project as a whole and to specifically convert sales of the book and album. Stu wanted an organic feeling to everything, so that the visual tone matched the down-and-dirty feeling of his travels and experiences in developing TBP.

Stu provided me with commissioned paintings and photography, along with the core elements of branding that were already determined. The copy in each meme comes from one of three sources: modern English translations of Jesus' original words, quotes from the book ("Words From the Hill"), or lyrics from one of the songs on the album.

What you're seeing here is a sampling of the Instagram memes I designed. Be sure to check out the Facebook project as well!