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Shenzhen from the New Territories, Hong Kong, China
"The dragon sneaks into the waves of the ocean before disappearing in the fog that hides the horizon": the Chinese have the talent to drape of poetry the most prosaic expressions of their economic development. The dragon is an asphalt tape, a bridge over the China Sea between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. A two times three-lane highway,  3,41754 miles long (5.5 km) with all border crossing facilities between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Today still Hong Kong functions as an enclave. Progressively among the inhabitants was born the consciousness of the Hong Kong identity, the idea of a destiny peculiar to this territory. For example, when Chinese President Hu Jintao made his first visit to Hong Kong in 2005, he had to leave before the annual democracy demonstration. Then he inaugurated the bridge. Today you need a double license plate, to drive in both directions of traffic. Mainland China is still a bit of a border.