Graphic Presentation / Flash Animator
At Disney Publishing, the team is dedicated to enriching the social, creative and intellectual development of children worldwide.  Each product we created was designed to spark a sense of  wonder that motivates children to experience the magic of learning.  My task was to serve as the dedicated graphics and presentation analyst for the president, and ach project allowed me focus on providing the design tools necessary to convey the greatness of Disney.

At Disney, I was tasked to create a series of animated presentations for the 2003 conference at the W Hotel and Marriott. We introduced The Incredibles, Chronicles of Narnia, Where the Wild Things Are, and the vast world of Disney Books and educational material.

Here is a CSS 3D representation of that conference.
Placing the original animated presentations (on screen) involved embedding parts as animated GIFs for this demonstration of that day. The lights are layered transparent PNGs.