This Little Piggy Sticker
In this project, I started, knowing that I wanted to make some adorable stickers that people would LOVE to put on their waterbottle, computer, or window. I love pigs and I think they are the cutest things in the world so I figured that they would be pretty good sticker material.
The Sketches
In my sketches, I started out drawing pigs. Then, I had the idea to add some clothes on them and give them funny personalities. I wanted to keep the innocent look in their faces though, so I was careful to not add too many facial expressions.
The First Draft
Once I got into Illustrator, I started by developing a basic idea. I designed how I wanted the pigs' bodies to look and how I wanted to add shadows and highlights.
Expanding on the idea
I begun to experiment with clothes and accessories. The concept and shapes came pretty fast in my draft. I only had to fix a few problems in the final.
The Final Stickers
To add interest, variety, and contrast, I added a thick border around the sticker. I also added some hair on the superhero and astronaut pigs. I got feedback to lighten and darken certain parts of the pigs, as well as fix the hair so it wasn't so thin and distracting. I followed the feedback I got.

My stickers definitely accomplish my original goal: to make a cute sticker that people would stick on their windows, laptops, or water bottles. I have already had several requests for them once they are printed! I am very happy how they turned out and I think I can now cry "wee, wee, wee all the way home."
This Little Piggy Sticker