'Brighten up your future' ad campaign
Manukau Institute of Technology

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) is a tertiary education provider based in South Auckland, New Zealand. A campaign was needed to inspire prospective students to study at MIT, and to encourage enrolement in the Term 3 / Quarter 4 intake – the last one of the year. My solution boldly states 'Brighten up your future', accompanied with bright and impactful island-inspired floral patterns which speak to the target audience (locals of whom a large percentage are Pacific Island and Maori). The subheads encourage starting in Term 3 / Quarter 4.

The result is a positive and impactful campaign, achieved through the use of bold design and a simple message.

Below is a billboard concept that unfortunately didn't get produced in the end, but would have had great impact on the Southern motorway where is was intended to go.

Quarter page press ads targeting specific areas of study. The floral pattern is treated like a 'tablecloth' with course-related elements (plate, laptop etc) sitting on top.

Classified ad that really stands out on the page.

Online animated display ad storyboard followed by an email footer.