25 Years of Publishing
On the occasion of its 25th birthday Swiss magazine »Publisher« offered all its subscribers one page to design. The magazine gets digitally printed and each copy will contain two of those pages designed by different people. Each subscriber will receive their copy with the pages chosen based on their profile (which is their preferred color and movie genre and their professional background).
You were free to choose the message of your design, be it an ad, birthday greetings, a message to fellow subscribers ...

This is my entry. I chose to design birthday wishes and placed memories of my past 25 years of publishing into the illustration.
1. Manuals
2. Infographics
3. Scanners
4. Camera
5. Pixels: Wondering about the dpi of that dress. This must be déformation professionelle ...
6. Pantone swatches 
7. Kabelsalat: Like magic you pull metres of cable out of the bag. Anxious if you can ever get it back in. When watching xray at the airport I can always recognize mine by the cable salad at the bottom.
8. Vector graphics
9. Text:
10. Guillochée
11. Strokes
12. Print:
13. Mac SE: Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window ( Steve Wozniak)
14. The Dogcow
15. Overset text
16. Floppy
17. Mouse
18. Syquest disk
19. CD-ROM
20. Thumb drive
21. Graphic tablets
22. No Wifi
23. Printing machine
24. Video
25. Diffusion dithering
26. Waiting
27. Dripping drops
28. Long shadow: When you overdo the effect
29. iPad
30. 404
31. Flowchart
32. Button
33. Warning
34. Glitches
35. Stack
36. Flip page: Just when you thought it's gone for good, it returns.
37. Anti-aliasing
Finally: the magazine with the printed piece arrived.
25 Years of Publishing

25 Years of Publishing

An illustrated overview of 25 years in the publishing industry.