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    Logo system for StoryArc Media
Logo and branding for StoryArc Media, a kids edu-tainment company. This "mix 'n' match" approach features some of the various story genres of StoryArc Media's original IP. See "Logo System" below for more on the concept behind it.
A few slides for presenting the logo concept to stakeholders, showing the inspirations, why the concept works and demonstrating how it checks all the boxes on the factors they deemed most important for the design.
Various representations of the logo in different situations
"Adventure Pig" variant of the StoryArc logo. Used in the Adventure Pig mobile app.

Process Work
Early examples of the "variant"  idea for the StoryArc logo (before final letterforms were determined)
More early variants of the logo designed for specific IP (Skullduggery and Zomberry) before final letterforms were determined
Sketching and ideation phase, coming up with potential concepts to explore