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    proposal for the new identity od IEB - Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros
Proposal for the new logo for the Institute of Brazilian Studies (Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros – IEB), created in 1962 by historian Sergio Buarque de Holanda, is an integration institute within the University of São Paulo, with the basic challenge of critical consideration of Brazilian society through the articulation of different areas within human sciences. The research activities are conducted in association with the preservation of cultural collections in its custody. This articulation is a constitutive element of IEB and has been responsible for its growing and permanent academic acknowledgement. In carrying out its mission, the Institute adds the work developed by its technical and teaching staff, as also research from other professors at USP and other institutions, both national and international.
The proposal for the new logo of the IEB comes from the particular letter's sequence, in which each letter includes the previous one: 
Starting with thw vertical line of the I, we construct the E adding 3 horizontal bars, to close with two arcs to compose the B
History and memory are an integral part of the structure of the future, not in the repetition but opening new results. IEB
As the briefing was very short and the possibility of applications enromous, the proposal was, in case of selection, to develop the Identity in parallel with the IEB team during the year.
The proposal has not been selected, here you can see the winner project: