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    Packaging & Product Design
Packaging & Product Design.
A new style guide created to appeal primarily to older children, ensuring product sales across a wide age range.
Product and packaging identity created alongside the relaunch of M&S’ infant toys. The design aimed to give a modern feel to classic, timeless toys with photography that emphasised the premium quality of the product.
Boots Infant toy design proposal for plastic and wooden toys.
Branding Design for Boys’ Toys. Marks & Spencer.
A packaging style designed and illustrated for three product categories: dinosaurs, workmen’s tools and vehicles. Each category had to look individual and have a collective identity. Created the style guide for designers to follow.

Product concept and design for a childrens' puzzle. The puzzle teaches children about different nationalities and landmarks of the world.
Packaging and product design for a card making kit for Disney's Cars 2.
Game concept and packaging design for a 'snakes and ladders' style board game. Marks & Spencer.
Product concept and packaging design. Maze puzzle with washable ink pen.
BBC Balamory puzzle and packaging design.