The Shugah Critters!
An imaginary vinyl toy design project
"Hello there! And what’s your name?

Glad to have you here! We are the Shugah Critters and we live in the land of ChweetsVille.
We are very much happy critters minding our own business but occassionally getting on each others nerves.
Come listen to our stories and you’ll be surprised to know that we pretty much already exist in your deepest imaginations."

These characters are designed a few years ago for the fun of it. I was still a fresh grad but always dreamt of producing my own vinyl toy characters with a story behind them. Thus the Shugah Critters were born. I was going through my past personal projects and found the Shugah Critters. They were upset because they asked me why I kept them a secret for so many years.

I felt bad. So I guess it time I show them off to the world.

Maybe someday, they will become real vinyl toys. They hope so too. :)

Welcome to the land of Chweetsville.
The lead character, Pussy Mac' Rainbow.
Pixie PhuPhu! The loyal pet of Pussie Mac'Rainbow. I've not idea what the hell it is.
Wise Ol' Gramps. Very wise. Too wise for his own good.
Mushie Moosh. He's always believed his ancestors are toadstools. Errm...yeah.
Brattie Konehead. The naughtiest little critter in Chweetsville!
Toothie Bunnylips. The only bunny that eats meat.
Dizzygothic Clown Twins, Happ & Sobb. They are always argueing about...god knows what.
Pop the Cherry Tree. She's very proud of her cherries. The center giant cherry being her most prized possession.
The other critters love gathering under for shade and a nice picnic. She hates it.
Shnubs the Reaper