Many people have never heard of Germany’s smallest state, Saarland. Many have heard of it, but of those, many have no idea where it might actually be or simply don't take it seriously. People actually living in Saarland, or unfortunate enough not to live there any more however are quite proud of their home and its quirky, easygoing culture.

Saarmojis® give Saarländers and everybody else a way to celebrate this culture. Roughly 400 tailor-made emojis from 12 different areas of life cover almost anything from local foods and drinks, cultural events, sports and local expressions to foods and drinks again. A Saarländer takes their food very seriously.

Concept: Zymryte Hoxhaj
Illustration: Olga Günther, Stefan Grenner
Animation: Zymryte Hoxhaj, Hannes Brischke
Sound: Twin Town
Developer: Pioneo GmbH
Saarmoji® – emojis for German state of Saarland