ARTISTIC INTUITIONS is the showcasing exhibition of The 7th Graphic Design and Interactive Media Design Degree batch from The One Academy. As designers, we beg to differ. While some instincts come naturally, some has to be intentionally nurtured. Having the intuition of an artist grants us the ability to unravel potential, discern the good from bad, design with empathy, perceive from distinctive angles and most importantly, have the foresight to create.

There are 22 designers from BA (Hons) Graphic Design & BA (Hons) Interactive Media Design who have worked so hard for the past 4 years and are ready to venture out into wilderness. From the many experiences and knowledge we have acquired, we’ve developed beyond our five senses and also, we’ve learned to never, ever procrastinate. This has been an insanely exhilarating 360 roller coaster ride but now, we’re ready to take on a fire breathing dragon.

The event identity design was done by our art director, Nicholas Siew Keat Jien, and his creative team members: Lim Ke Rou, Cherylyn Tan Chia Yee, Lim Shin Yin, Keshin Heng and Shaly Chang Sek Li.
Poster Design (Digital Version)
Poster Design (Physical Version)
Invitation Card Envelope Design
Photography Booth
Special thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making Artistic Intuitions a fabulous success!
Andrea Ng Ching Yee, Cherylyn Tan Chia Yee, Chrystal Justalianus Lim, Dean Chua Tien Loong, Desiree Lim Wen Min, Janice Khaw Aimee, 
Lee Kerine, Lim Ke Rou, Keshin Heng, Melissa Lim Swee Gaik, Nicholas Siew Keat Jien, Sabrina Bien Kui Yung, Shaly Chang Sek Li, 
Lim Shin Yin, Ho Yuan Chia, Muhammad Faiz Syahmi bin Abdul Rahman, Joel Chong Tze Zhern, Kyle Mohammed Ehab Amoudi, 
Matthew Lee Jia Cheng, Siow Rui Sheng, Wilson Peh Win Shen, Stella Chew Wan Lee
Event Identity: Artistic Intuitions