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    A multipurpose partition for a temporary exhibition, made entirely of recycled packaging boxes
concept visualisation
The brief was to create a temporary exhibtiion of 2 days that focuses on topic of recycling and green living. 
There's minimum budget allowance and is located in an office space too small for the purpose.
A simple insertion of a screened wall was devised to break up the one space to a 'U' shape space for greater wall display surfaces, and give impression of a bigger exhibtion than physically allowed. It was made from stacking of recycled cardboard packaging boxes into rows of reverse pyramids, the stacking pattern creates consistent openings that doubles as display shelves that incorporate into the exhibition display.
The inverse pyramids formation creates void triangular spaces that housed the temporary seatings units; also made from the same packaging boxes, and in the same tiling arrangement as the main screen, when the chair is placed in line with the screen, a uniform pattern is created.
The screen proved to be highly popular during the exhibition, with unexpected interaction between the screen and visitors, specially with the kids, with people moving between the screens and many curious stops to examine the products on display. The exhibition extended from a single weekend to 2 weeks, and the dividing screen was keep for over a month by the client to become a more permanent display.
curious visitors often choses to moves through the screen 
lighting incoporated for illuminating displaying objects.
perfect size for kids
"chair, please try me" slogan was spray onto the chairs to ensure the visitors are comfortable to try the furnitures