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    Graphic design magazine with a special focus on hand-crafted designs
novum 04.18 »handmade«

For a long time perfection was the only goal, now we value the small imperfections, the individual features that make up the charm of the hand-made. The April issue of novum, dedicated to the theme of »hand-made«, presents a range of projects that have been carefully and lovingly hand-crafted. Woodcuts, screenprints, tape art, hand-lettering – all of this and more awaits your discovery in the new novum.

The cover

Our plan was to do all the covers in risographic printing, but sadly this was abandoned because of the technical requirements. But in an issue dedicated to the theme of »hand-made«, the cover itself also had to feature some element of hand-crafting. For this we were pleased to have support from students at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster who literally hand-processed each copy!
12,000 covers were numbered in sequence by the budding illustrators – a remarkable achievement. The numbering takes up another aspect of the cover of novum 04.18: As we had to rule out our risographic printing, we decided instead to produce individual risographs and place them on the cover. Only our subscribers will have a chance to be the lucky recipients of these signed and numbered art prints. But all our other readers can still enjoy a hand-lettered unique print. As long as stocks last, the risographs will be available to buy as a pack in our online shop.

All this and more awaits in this issue of novum!

Copies of this issue can be bougth here

Cover design 
Students from the University of Applied Sciences in Münster

Risograph paper

Risographic printing​​​​​​​

Offset printing