Freebie! Coffee Cup Animated Mockup
Free Coffee Cup Animated Mockup introduction -

This looped rotating mockup of small coffee cup (8 oz) is designed for quick and maximum effective presentation of your cafe or coffeeshop branding and displaying your new logotype or pattern.

Watch an exported video:

Watch the exported gif animations:

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS6+

Product includes:
• animated and static psd of small coffee cup (8 oz);
• help files (video tutorials);

Editable elements:
• cup color and design;
• lid color;
• glare levels: left, right, front, backlight;
• shadow levels;
• backdrop reflex;
• see-through inner part of the cup;
• background color and design;

Save animation as:
• animated gif;
• hd video;
• jpg, png sequence;

Small Coffee Cup Animated Mockup -
Large Coffee Cup Animated Mockup -
Coffee Cup Animated Mockups Bundle -

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Freebie! Coffee Cup Animated Mockup

Freebie! Coffee Cup Animated Mockup

Freebie! Coffee Cup Animated Mockup

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