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    MyTrip Planner Tablet App allows users to create their own custom trips built on the Google API.
The MyTrip Planner tablet app was an iPad app I worked on as Lead UX/UI Designer for American Tours International (ATI). Similar to the Create A Tour iOS app I also designed, the MyTrip Planner allowed users to purchase ATI's tour, hotel or activities packages or create their own tour.
Map Screen
Once logged into their ATI account, users could search in any location in the U.S. and click on different cities where ATI offered tour, hotel and activities packages.
Tour Creator
Users could also create their own tours but selecting different locations on the map and designating which days they wanted to go where.
Shopping Cart
After a user booked or created a tour a detail rich shopping cart allowed them to review all the details of their order, make and last minute edits, and purchase their final package.