ReMarkable is a new e-ink (electronic-ink) tablet which has completely revolutionised the category. After successfully resolving the inherent latency problem that has plagued all other brands’ attempts at creating e-ink drawing tablets, a group of young Norwegian entrepreneurs were able to create reMarkable – a tablet with a handwriting, drawing and reading experience second only to real pen and paper.

ANTI were brought in at an early stage to develop the complete  brand identity and communication strategy. As the product began to take shape ANTI were also invited to help the reMarkable tech-team design the user interface for the device itself.

E-ink tablets (Amazon’s Kindle is the most well known) use reflective screens with black e-ink pixels rather than LED screens. So although the iPad Pro will render millions of colours the drawing experience is nothing compared to the reMarkable’s tangible pen on paper feel. This unique quality informed every aspect of the user interface, including a complete set of custom icons and a navigation system designed to create a clutter free environment which embraces the simple elegance of drawing in black and white. The real paper feel informed not only the on-screen user experience but extended to branding, packaging and marketing material. Our aim was to appeal to those of us with a real passion for sketchbooks, notebooks, and the joy of thinking on paper. In other words Paper People.

The interface system was also designed to make room for displaying the users own content prominently, something which make the reMarkable feel instantly personal – the same way a regular notebook would.

The reMarkable had an instant impact in the marked engrossing over 13 million USD in the first six months after its launch.

Product owner
Magnus Haug Wanberg – Product Owner

Mats Herding Solberg - Chief design officer - reMarkable
Kjell Ekhorn –  Creative director - ANTI
Magnus Henriksen – Graphic design - ANTI
Heidi Willhelmsen - Strategy - ANTI

UI & Operating System
Mats Herding Solberg - Chief design officer - reMarkable
Thomas Johanssen – UI Lead - ANTI
David Mcinnes - UX Lead - Blank
Maren Helle - Interaction design - reMarkable
Dan Robert Ekrem - UX design - reMarkable