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    Silverburn Retail Interactive Lighting Installation. Glasgow, UK
Silverburn Retail
Interactive Lighting Installation
Lighting Science Custom Solutions division in the UK partnered with Jason Bruges Studio from London to create a one-of-a-kind interactive lighting experience at the Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland. Shoppers walking under the vertical linear lighting sculpture are treated to a variety of spectacular animated lighting effects triggered by their motion.

Lighting designer Jason Bruges Studio conceived a concept for an interactive vertical linear video display that would hang from the ceiling of the main atrium and walkway in the centre.  The challenge was to find a solution that would give them control, pixel by pixel, to create a 2.4m linear 360 degree video fixture that could interact with a camera recognition system.  28 of these fixtures would be suspended from the roof of the atrium to create a display that would be visible from any point in that area of the centre.

Lighting Science implemented the Jason Bruges Studio design by integrating hundreds of individually-controlled, high-intensity X16 Dotz LEDs with the camera recognition technology, software and a DMX control system. The movement of each passing shopper is translated seamlessly from the camera to the DMX system to create wavelike patterns of light.

X16 Dotz individually addressable pixels
Custom designed fixture and mounting
DMX integration
Interactive Camera recognition technology

Each hanging linear fixture consists of a custom designed aluminium body and plastic lens, housing 2 strings of 80 X16 Dotz, placed back to back.  The control challenge was that each pair of back to back dots had to be a single pixel and be controlled accordingly.  The simple modular design of the Lighting Science control and cabling system made this possible, and the final effect is that of a giant graphic equalizer display reacting to its environment as the crowds wander
Silverburn Installation